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Image via Wikipedia Valentine's Day - and zombies !?

Now, I’m going to be very clear about something – I do not read paranormal romance novels.  Or any romance novels, for that matter.  However, a friend found this book for me at a library sale and bought it for 25 cents, based on the fact that its a zombie novel.  I’m currently reading it because it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I figured that now would be a good time to post something about this quirky book.

“My Zombie Valentine” is divided into four mini-novels, each by a different woman.  I started (and finished) the first one today.  It’s called “Bring Out Your Dead” and was written by Katie MacAlister.  Far from being an annoying story, I thought it was interesting and boasted a rich cast of characters.  The central character, Ysabelle (or Belle, for short) is a double-souled counselor of revenants (you and I know them as zombies).  She is aided by a crazy spirit guide named Sally, who seems to think a bad mix of French and English makes her cultured.  Sebastian is the Dark One (vampire) in need of salvation from our dual-souled heroine.  There winds up being a love triangle (trust me – you’ll want to read this story – so I’m not going to spoil all the fun for you!) And let’s not forget my favorite peanut gallery – led by Tim the revenant (zombie) and William (who lost all of his body but his head in a rather unfortunate accident involving a demon lord, some imps, a child, and a whole lot of hellfire.)

Rather than being bogged down by all the heady romance, “Bring Out Your Dead” is built solidly on plot twists and interesting facts.  The story doesn’t stall an get boring, but rather gives tidbits of information as necessary while maintaining an interesting pace.  The characters are easy to like, and make the book a joy to read.  I think William may be my favorite, since he falls off the no-meat wagon and starts trying to eat his own body complaining that he’s just a “little peckish” and that if anyone isn’t using their toes or fingers could he please help himself.

If the rest of the stories in “My Zombie Valentine” are half as good as “Bring Out Your Dead”, then I am certainly in for a good read !  You would do well to pick the book up yourself, although I might add that the book is geared heavily towards the female persuasion.  Men be warned !  While a good book, you may not like the romance side.  (Which is just fine with me – most zombie books are without a romantic side anyway…)