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I finished Kim Paffenroth‘s “Dying to LiveLast Rites” a little while ago, but haven’t gotten the opportunity to give it the write-up it so badly deserves.

**Pre-Review Warning: You will cry your eyes out so hard when you finish this book that your chest will hurt.  Actually, I lied.  There are a few sections where you will cry your eyes out.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!**

It was a thought-provoking tear-jerker that left me thinking about the human race, and also introspectively about myself. It made me consider what I myself might be capable of under the right circumstances.  I’d like to think that I would be a good person, but when I think of what I’d do to save the ones I loved, my certainty wavers.  (So don’t sit there smugly assuming you’d be any better either…)

If you’ve read the two previous books in the series, you have already been introduced to the four central characters.  Rachel and Will, two humans who are forced to leave their community because of their treatment of Lucy and Truman, two sentient zombies.  The community they were living in doesn’t believe in executing zombies, but they don’t believe in coexisting in the same house either.  In any event, the last installation of the trilogy finds the four companions on a boat, with Rachel seriously ill.  Will, Truman, and Lucy decide to seek medical help from a town they find.  What happens to each and every one of them will test the boundaries of what most readers think humans are capable of.  You will find yourself sickened, pensive, and deeply heartbroken by the end of this novel, I guarantee it.  And then you’ll feel lost knowing that at this time Paffenroth has not announced any other additions to the series.

Probably the single greatest strength of this work is Paffenroth’s ability to create new and complex characters that work seamlessly with his well-established characters while at the same time never losing sight of the importance of the message. While many messages can be found in the book, I choose to take away the idea that a life built on greed and egotism leads to nothing. Conversely, a life built on sharing, self-sacrifice, loyalty and love may not always give you what you expect, but it will be more fulfilling. The best part? Paffenroth isn’t preachy about it. He sneaks up on you, his you over the head, and runs off into the darkness while you are left with a serious bump on your head and the echos of his laughter.

A spot of news…

For those of you who may not know, my life changed rather drastically last week.  On Monday, I began Graduate School (I’m again studying Foreign Language Education).  On Tuesday at 11:30 am, I received a call from a school that had interviewed me for a Spanish position.  As it turns out, the position became part time and the other teacher quit.  I accepted the position.  So far so good.

Wednesday morning, I went to school to have a meeting with the other teachers.  I was wondering why we would be meeting again that night for “orientation”.  Silly me, it was actually parent orientation, or “Open House” as we said years ago when I was little.  Oops.  Luckily my room is off in a corner and nobody could find it, so I spent the night hanging up paper on my bulletin boards and worrying about how to arrange the desks.


All of this good news for me means that I will be swamped with work and unable to write posts with quite the frequency I was.  Don’t worry – I’m not giving up, I just won’t be on here as much for this semester.  (Oh – and also because I’m having to maintain a blog in Spanish for my linguistics class.)

Wish me luck and I will see you on the Dark Side of the Moon !


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Dear Authors and Editors,

I am trying to update the links section of my blog.  If any of you have personal or professional blog pages, I’d be happy to place a link on my blog.  Either send me an e-mail or leave your blog as a comment in a post, and I’ll be happy to place the link on my page.

Thanks again !

~  deadaeris